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Home Show Ad Form

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Please note, normal Home Show scheduling goes to air on Thursdays.
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Please Note: Photos must be in JPEG format, with a minimum 485 x 345 px resolution
Photos must be colour and horizontal
Professional renderings are acceptable

15 Second Ad - Up to 4 Photos
30 Second Ad - Up to 8 Photos
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Please Note: A 15 second ad is approximately 35 words.
A 30 second ad is approximately 65 words.
Media Street Productions reserves the right to edit copy.
Do not abbreviate.
Provide phonetics (fon-et-icks) for unusual pronounciations and names.

NOTE PRIOR TO CLICKING SUBMIT - The upload process of photos takes place AFTER you click submit.  This process may take a few minutes. Please do not close your browser window, or click the back or submit button, until you are transferred to the confirmation screen.
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